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    The internet has simplified ways of doing business around the world today. Gone are the days when people with little or no capital had to indulge in excessive and exorbitant borrowing in order to raise capital. Conventionally traders required an inflated starting capital to compete with rivals in the industry, and for this reason, the success of a business would be determined by the depth of resources and not the quality of services. Consequently, this state of affairs led to the untimely and inevitable collapse of great business ideas. However, with the innovation of internet, small businesses across the globe have been given an invaluable lifeline. Business owners with limited financial resources are now able to utilize the online platform to showcase their ideas and products to the world without excessive spending.

    Marketing plays a significant role in raising the financial position of your business, and social iconstherefore it is recommended that you employ the current marketing strategies by ian tetley in order to compete on equal ground with your rivals. The internet has made marketing easier and cost-effective hence an increase in the number businesses that have integrated its usage in daily business operations like marketing. Digital marketing employs different strategies, and the most commonly used are enlisted as follows;

    Email marketing

    This is an avenue that is utilized to reach a maximum number of target audience directly. Unlike other digital marketing strategies, most business and individuals have emails, and therefore a business marketer will send a direct mail detailing the extent of his products and services. This method is lauded for being efficient and productive.

    Social media marketing

    social icons and loud speakerSocial media has become an excellent tool for businesses to reach a wide audience at a minimal or negligible cost. A vast audience is created by the fact that most adults are holders of at least one social media account. The popularly used platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Clever marketers have gone to the extent of buying followers to follow their social media accounts in order to gain credibility in the market. Also, businesses are now using influencers who are popular social media personalities with large followings to broadcast their brands.

    Search engine optimization (SEO)

    Online marketing has seen the rise in the number of business websites on search engines. However, a website without an effective SEO can be regarded to be nugatory due to its inability to attract visitors. Therefore it is imperative for a business to employ Search engine optimization to ensure enhanced visibility on a particular search engine.

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